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Ever-Growing, Unstoppable Source of Stunning, High-Quality ANSWERS and Resources...Starting TODAY!”
You Can NO LONGER Ignore the Secret That Media 
Giants and Fortune 500’s Have Exploited for Years!
I'm sure you've figured out by now that, in our global economy, MEDIA of all forms rules the day. I'm not just talking about news. We want to be informed, we want to be entertained, we want to be connected to what's working now and MOST of all, we want ANSWERS! Those answers might come in the form of videos, books, audios, images or other forms of media, but the demand is greater now than ever before! We all are looking for solutions and answers to all sorts of problems, old and new:

    > What's the latest trends on how to lose weight?
    > How do I buy my first home?
    > What do I do if I've been scammed?
    > How do I turn my life around?
    > What does it take to make and sell my own crafts?
    > What types of books can I publish?
    > What are some tasty gluten-free recipes?
    > How do I start my own business?
    > Can your make me laugh and forget the craziness of the world for a moment?

These are just a few of the thousands of questions being asked over and over again! 
ANSWERS...that’s what we want and NEED...
Each of us has some form of specialized knowledge. You may not believe that to be true for you, but it's true nonetheless. YOU know something I don't. The same is true for everyone else on the planet. The problem is, what do we do when we don't possess the knowledge we need. We have to get our answers from somewhere else.

And it's with PROVIDING those answers that presents you and me with a massive opportunity. WE can be the ones to provide the answers to those asking, and THEY (our potential customers) will be happy to compensate us for those answers. Of course, that might also present us with one HUGE problem...
Where Do WE Get Those Answers?
The answers we provide can come from a variety of courses. They can: 

    > Come from your own knowledge and experiences
    > Come from the knowledge and experience of others
    > Come from a BLEND of your knowledge AND others

The BLEND is ideal, except that we need access to that knowledge and experience of others! True! But what if I told you that you have access to, RIGHT NOW, the knowledge and experiences from MILLIONS of the smart, creative people from all walks of life? Imagine having access to inventors, authors, educators, artists, scientists and more...ALL their wisdom, insights, talents, creativity and ANSWERS available to you right now!
Well Guess What? You DO!
This massive “Answer Resource” is called the Public Domain, and it represents more answers and solutions to questions than you will ever be able to ask. There is NO OTHER media resource larger than that of the Public Domain...PERIOD! Media giants know this and exploit it. Same is true with most Fortune 500 companies! For me...I access and use these resources nearly EVERY day! It's time you do too!
So What Exactly IS the Public Domain?
Any type of media, (books, magazines, newspapers, videos, music, photography, art, etc.) can potentially be in the Public Domain if it meets one of four common copyright conditions:

    > The copyright has expired
    > The copyright owner failed to follow copyright renewal rules
    > The copyright owner deliberately places it in the public domain, known as “dedication” 
    > Copyright law does not protect this type of work.

Now you might think, “Why would anyone NOT renew their copyright?” It's a great question with many answers, but it ultimately doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that the media IS INDEED in the Public Domain...and that can be determined in a straightforward manner MOST of the time. I'm not going to bore you with all those details now, however, because there is a much different picture I want to paint...

Check THIS out: Worldwide, there are over 2 billion books in the Public Domain, millions of magazine articles, 100's of millions of art, photography and illustrations, millions of patents, not to mention all the video and audio content, web content and more. The Public Domain is SO huge that it's virtually inexhaustible! 
How’s THAT for Your Source of Answers?
I personally began selling Public Domain-based products in 1986 in the form of maps and photographs. But it wasn't until 20 years later, in 2006, that I realized the potential of Public Domain content. Since that time I've researched, studied and used information, answers and solutions provided from the Public Domain nearly every day in one form or another. Needless to say, I've learned and discovered some AMAZING insights...

It's those insights...those ANSWERS I've discovered over the past 11 years...that I want to share with YOU in a brand-new course series titled, 
“Public Domain Reboot”
Because of the vast amount of in-depth information and strategies I want to share with you, I thought it would make the most sense to offer “Public Domain Reboot” as a series of SIX courses taught LIVE over the span of 3 months, with a new course being presented every two weeks until completed. Now that those are completed, you can choose to invest in all six courses or just choose the ones that interest you the most. It's YOUR choice!

Each of the 6 “Public Domain Reboot” courses feature 4 modules focused on a specific type of media content (like books, for instance) in the Public Domain. Module One in each course will focus on the resources available for that type of Public Domain content. Modules’ Two - Four will present the best insights, strategies and case studies on how to USE and PROFIT from the course content. Here is a listing of each course:
  • Course One: Books. The 4 modules in this course will be devoted to the resources and strategies related to book content. This includes non-fiction, fiction, textbooks, reference books, cookbooks and more.
  • Course Two: Periodicals. The 4 modules in this course will be devoted to the resources and strategies related to periodical content. This includes magazines, newspapers, comics and more.
  • Course Three: Video/Audio. The 4 modules in this course will be devoted to the resources and strategies related to video and audio content. This includes movies, documentaries, stock footage, music and more.
  • Course Four: Images. The 4 modules in this course will be devoted to the resources and strategies related to all types of image content. This includes photographs, illustrations, fine art, clip art and more.
  • Course Five: Government. The 4 modules in this course will be devoted to the resources and strategies related to U.S. Government content. This includes web-based content, PDFs, patents and more.
  • Course Six: Miscellaneous. The 4 modules in this course will be devoted to the resources and strategies related to all other types of content. This includes non-protected content, ephemera, blog content and more.
(Note: See Detailed Descriptions of Each Course Below)
Bonuses (Available For All Courses)...
BONUS ONE: Public Domain Research Training - Rather than reteach the SAME research methods again for checking copyright on different types of media content (nothing has changed) I am going to include previously taught videos on how to properly identify if a certain work is in the Public Domain. This is a vital part of the process for using content from the Public Domain, and I show you, step-by-step, how to easily do it for yourself!

BONUS TWO: “Trade Dress And Why It Matters” Video Training - This in-depth training taught as a part of Creative Publishing Academy reveals a little-known, yet important part of Intellectual Property law that you MUST be aware of, regardless of the types of products you wish to create.

BONUS THREE: Dedicated Facebook Group - For everyone who invests in one or more of the courses...this is where you'll be able to interact with fellow students, ask questions, share new resources and more!
Bonuses (Course Specific)...
BONUS FOUR: Downloadable SLIDE PDFs - Each course will come with downloadable PDFs of ALL the slides used in that course. That way you will be able to print them out to reference as you work with the Public Domain resources of your choice!

BONUS FIVE: Full Transcripts of Each Course - Each Course will be transcribed upon completion! I seldom offer transcripts of my trainings, but for these courses I feel they would provide massive benefit to your Public Domain endeavors. These will be created and added once the LIVE trainings are completed.
Bonuses (For All-Inclusive Bundle ONLY)...
Easy Product Expert: Full Course - All 6 Modules with Transcripts.
    • Module One: Finding the BEST Content.
    • Module Two: Finding the Opportunities.
    • Module Three: Zero Content & Low Content Books.
    • Module Four: Image Product Strategies You’ll Love!
    • Module Five: Fast Products That People Actually Want.
    • Module Six: FREE Marketing Strategies That Work!

Public Domain Blueprint: Full Course - All 8 Modules.
    • Module One: Introduction and Overview
    • Module Two: Public Domain Books
    • Module Three: Public Domain Magazines
    • Module Four: Public Domain Images
    • Module Five: Public Domain Patents
    • Module Six: Public Domain Government
    • Module Seven: Public Domain Audio
    • Module Eight: Public Domain Video

Public Domain Profit Strategies: Full Course - Both Modules and Finished Course Project.
    • Module One: Derivative Products from a Public Domain Book
    • Module Two: Creating the Products Step-by-Step.
Your Investment Today...
Due to the MASSIVE amount of actionable, in-depth content I'll be including with each course, the full 6-Course Package (That's a full 24 Modules of training on the Public Domain!) is a discounted investment of just $997 $697! 

During this Special Offer, you can get full ALL-ACCESS, 6-Course Package...all 24 Modules + ALL the BONUSES (Including ALL the Course-Specific Bonuses) for...
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For Those of You Interested in Certain Courses Only...
I realize that some of you may ONLY be interested in purchasing just a few of the courses rather than invest in the FULL Package. Well I have great news! You CAN! Simply choose the courses you want using the purchase options below! The regular price for each course is just $197, but during this introductory offer, you'll save $50 OFF! That's just $147 each course! (Note: The Bonus Training is ALSO included with the individual purchases.)
Course One: Books
Module One:
   • Types of Books
   • The Best Book Resource Sites.
   • Book Research Insights.
   • Finding Physical Copies of Books.
   • Physical Books to Digital Text.
   • And Much More!
Module Two:
   • Public Domain Is FULL of Characters!
   • A Fairy Tale Beginning?
   • Disney and the Public Domain.
   • It’s Like Mad Libs, but…
   • And Much More!
Module Three:
   • Project Books…These Are the Answers You Are Looking For.
   • The Goal of Our Products Should Be…
   • Turning Project Books Into Products People Want.
   • Case Studies.
   • And Much More!
Module Four:
   • Personal Development Content.
   • Crowdsourcing New Content.
   • Formatting Your Book Content.
   • Publish to Kindle Using Kindle Create and Microsoft Word.
   • And Much More!
Just $197 $147
Course Two: Periodicals
Module One:
   • Types of Periodicals. 
   • Content to Look for in Ads, Magazines, Pulps, Newspapers and Comics.
   • Best Resource Sites for Magazines, Pulps, Newspapers and Comics.
   • And Much More!
Module Two:
   • Magazines As a Content Source. 
   • The Best Evergreen Content.
   • Case Studies.
   • And Much More!
Module Three:
   • Old News for New Content.
   • Content Examples.
   • Case Studies.
   • And Much More!
Module Four:
   • Comics as a Content Source.
   • Content Examples.
   • Case Studies.
   • And Much More!
Just $197 $147
Course Three: Video/Audio
Module One:
   • Public Domain Video and Audio for Your Projects. 
   • The Best Video Sites.
   • Old-Time Radio Sites.
   • Where to Find Public Domain Audiobooks.
   • Public Domain Music Sources.
   • And Much More!
Module Two:
   • Using Public Domain Video Content to Create Stylized, Fresh Videos.
   • The Software We Will Use.
   • Step-by-Step Software Demos.
   • And Much More!
Module Three:
   • Turning Public Domain Videos (and Photos) into Marketing Videos for Social Media
      Promotions and More! 
   • Using Animoto’s Marketing Templates, Step-by-Step!
   • for Creative Videos.
   • And Much More!
Module Four:
   • Working With and Editing Audio for Your Projects.
   • The Best Audio Editors.
   • Getting Creative With Public Domain Audio.
   • And Much More!
Just $197 $147
Course Four: Images 
Module One:
   • Types of Images in the Public Domain. 
   • Sources for High-Quality Public Domain Photographs.
   • Public Domain Vectors and Graphics.
   • Where to Find the Best Game Graphics.
   • And Much More!
Module Two:
   • Transforming Photographs Into New Forms. 
   • Comprehensive Listing of Photo-to-Art Software Options.
   • Case Studies for Reinventing Photos.
   • And Much More!
Module Three:
   • Working with Public Domain Graphics. 
   • The Benefits of Using Vectors.
   • Step-by-Step Strategies for Converting Graphics to Vectors.
   • And Much More!
Module Four:
   • Rescuing Printed Images from the Page.
   • Our Options for Transforming the Yuck.
   • You Have Images, Now What?
   • And Much More!
Just $197 $147
Course Five: Government 
Module One:
   • Types of Content Lurking on Government Websites. 
   • The Best Sources for the Different Types of Government-Created Content.
   • Data-Mining Tools for Finding Government Goodies.
   • And Much More!
Module Two:
   • Types of Text-Based Media Available on Government Sites. 
   • The Most Popular Topics.
   • Using Text-Based Media for Products.
   • And Much More!
Module Three:
   • Visual Media Types Available on Government Sites. 
   • Product Creation Methods for Visual Media.
   • Product Creation Sites.
   • And Much More!
Module Four:
   • A Deep Dive Into Patents.
   • The Types of Content Available With Patents.
   • Working With Patent Illustrations.
   • And Much More!
Just $197 $147
Course Six: Miscellaneous
Module One:
   • Other Types of Content in the Public Domain. 
   • Five Categories of Content NOT Protected by Copyright.
   • The Best Resources for Finding Miscellaneous Content.
   • And Much More!
Module Two:
   • The New Trend of Uncopyrighting Content. 
   • The Best Uncopyrighted Sites.
   • Using Content From Uncopyrighted Sites.
   • And Much More!
Module Three:
   • Products From Unprotected Content.
   • Idea Products Examples.
   • Process Products Examples.
   • Forms Products Examples.
   • List Products Examples.
   • And Much More!
Module Four:
   • Types of Ephemera in the Public Domain.
   • The Best Sources for Finding Ephemera Content Online.
   • Product Opportunities Using Ephemera.
   • Paper Dolls and the Public Domain.
   • And Much More!
Just $197 $147
Frequently Asked Questions...
Question: Haven't you already taught all this?
Answer: While I have indeed taught on these topics in the past, constantly evolving resources and technology warrants revisiting this vast amount of information again with the latest, in-depth insights.

Question: My biggest issue with Public Domain content is knowing what to do with it. Will you be covering that?
Answer: Absolutely! In each course, only the first module will focus on the research and resources. The three remaining modules will focus exclusively on product creation strategies.

Question: Will you be talking about Trademarks?
Answer: I will definitely mention them in passing, but will not be devoting a dedicated session to that topic.

Question: How will “Public Domain Reboot” be different from your past courses like, “Public Domain Blueprint” or “Public Domain University”?
Answer: “Public Domain Blueprint” was taught nearly 6 years ago. A LOT has changed since then and I've learned a lot more since then. While some of the basic information will essentially be the same, like how to research the copyright status, most the the training will be all-new. I'm creating these courses from scratch, NOT rehashing old information.

Question: What if I'm ONLY interested in one or two of the courses...can I invest in just THOSE courses?
Answer: Absolutely! I structured this series in a way that you can focus on the content topics that will benefit you the most...or...all of them if you wish to do so!

Question: Will I be able to get a refund for these courses if I decide they're not for me?
Answer: Unfortunately No! Due to the size and scope of the courses, there is no way I can justify offering a refund. I have provided all the details necessary for you to make an educated buying decision.
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